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Pedestrian Accidents

In pedestrian accident injury cases, these can be challenging for many families due to the severity of the accident. Many pedestrians who are struck by a car or truck ofent turn into wrongful death claims because these types of injury cases can harm the victim with life threatening injuries to the brain, back, neck, and internal bleeding. It is important you discuss your case with an experienced attorney. As pedestrians, we often don't truly realize the dangers of doing something as simple as walking across the street, sitting at a bus stop, or walking to the store. The reality is that in fact everyday a pedestrian can be at risk to an accident and all it takes is the negligence of a driver to create an accident and run into a pedestrian. 

​Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run auto accidents can be difficult cases for any law firm and are reliant on the duty of the police force. In the event the hit and run driver is located, we can aggressively go after them and their insurance company or pursue legal action against them personally. These types of incidents are very common in pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents occur frequently, and it is up to expert personal injury attorneys like us to help victims like you. Our goal is to provide aggressive representation and help alleviate any stress of paying for medical treatment. We work with a number of medical professionals that can delay payment for our clients. 

​Bicycle Accidents

In bicycle accidents, these types of cases can cause serious injury or even death to victims. If you have been hit by a car on your bicycle, our team of skilled personal injury attorneys can help you get the compensation and medical treatment you deserve. We fight for you and can provide you with a free case review. Bicycle accidents are another type of pedestrian accident, the only difference is that the victim is riding a bicycle as opposed to walking. Bicyclists must follow similar rules as pedestrians such as crossing the road at the crosswalk, and occasionally riding on sidewalks. 

Wrongful Death 

Wrongful death cases can happen and are caused by fatal auto or motorcycle accidents as well as pedestrian accidents in which these are very common, in these cases the victim of the accident dies. For loved ones and family members, there is no amount of money that can truly compensate for the loss of a loved one. Our goal is to do our best to obtain the compensation the family and the victim deservces. These type of cases can be the result of a pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, car or trucking accident. We have represented many clients who have had a loved one pass due to the negligence of a driver, and have handled their cases with success. Our team of skilled Missouri wrongful death attorneys can help you day or night.

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